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Support and Services
Support and Services

Logiclink provides the highest-level of service and support to your guests and staff. Our 24/7 Live Customer Support is available to ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction while maximizing the revenue potential from your business center.
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support. Logiclink provides the hotel with an auto-dial Support Phone located on the desk providing on-the-spot assistance.
  • Daily Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics for the Business Center, Credit/Debit Card Processing.
  • Instant Management Reporting System allows our Customer Support staff to proactively handle issues immediately. Remote Diagnostics can troubleshoot your Cyber-Shell Business Center.
  • Monthly Reporting, Credit Card Processing, Accounting, and Administration.
With our patented Web Office Credit/Debit Card transaction processing, a detailed monthly revenue summary report can be viewed from a custom secure website.

Replacement/Repair program.

Our Replacement/Repair program warrants all equipment provided. Hotel is responsible for the return of any equipment requiring service to Logiclink. Logiclink will be responsible to repair and return replacement unit to the hotel.

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Customer Service & Technical Support
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