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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your experience in hotel business centers?

A: Logiclink's business center division has been renting computer equipment, operating staffed hotel business center and automated business centers since 1993.

Q: How do you distinguish yourselves from your competition?

A: Logiclink's patented technology is the most cost effective and flexible in the current marketplace. Our 24 hour live customer service resolves guest's issues in real time.

Currently there are two major area of competitors to Logiclink's unique hardware technologies and 24 hours services in the automated business center niche : Staffed services such as UPS Stores and/or Internet Kiosk Based services.

Q: What type of technology and equipment do you provide?

A: We are currently providing two different solutions in our automated business center :

1. Business Automation Center :
Logiclink's traditional BAC consists of a transaction processing console(TPC) and generic office equipment. Selection of all other equipment can be determined by the host property.

2. Cyber-Shell Business Center :
Cyber-Shell NT Software first deployed in 1998, is one of the most widely used public Internet software in cruise lines, airport and hotels, Cyber-Shell Business Center consist of Internet PC w/ 17" Flat Screen, Laser Printer.

3. Cyber-Shell Coffee Table :
Cyber-Shell Coffee Table offers many additional applications to fit a wide range user needs such as Coffee Table Internet Station, Picture Station, Entertainment Kiosk, and Vending and Shipping Services.

Q: What is the operating system?

A: BAC offers XP on all new user computers. Windows 98 are still used in some of the existing locations. Cyber-Shell uses Win2000 or NT.

Q: What is your upgrade procedure and frequency on any of the software/equipment that you provide?

A: Upgrade requests by customers will be accommodated on a material and time cost basis. Most of the cost is differed against the revenue generated from the center.

Q: What type of end user process options do you offer?

A: 1. Pass Cards/Access Cards.
All Major Credit Cards,
Logiclink Prepaid Cards,
Prepaid/Telephone Calling Cards,
Free Use (Pass) Cards,
Front Desk(Master Acct) Cards,
Supervisor Cards (Access to Billing Logs).
2. Direct/Master billing.
Logiclink currently deploys PMS billing via a SQL/Access server and direct interface I/O in the cruise line industry. It is anticipated that each deployment will be performed on a custom project basis.
Q: How do you charge for guest usage (by copies, printed pages, per minute etc.)?

A: Current charging methods rely mostly on a per time charging basis for computer, printer, copier and faxing. Logiclink regularly deployed page count for high speed copiers. Page count for faxing and printing is possible.

Q: What is the lead time for implementation and process?

A: Orders of less than 5 in-stock business centers can be fulfilled within 2-4 weeks. Any custom furniture laminate and/or configuration will require longer lead times.

Q: What is the respond time for customer service?

A: Logiclink has a 24/7 live customer service. Skilled technical staff are on-call 24/7 outside of the business hours (Our normal operating hours are 6am to 9pm ). If your company experiences any technical difficulty, a member of our technical staff or manager will respond to your call at any time.

Q: How many Hotels currently use your Automated Business Center product?

A: Approximately 300 hotels in United States.

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